It seems to me… that there is a direct link between Donald Trump’s cynical ginning up of hysteria about that migrant caravan “invading our country” and the mass killings at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh

    Adam Serwer writes in The Atlantic that (quote): Trump and Fox News did their utmost during the month of October to turn this non-event into a “national emergency” for the sole purpose of animating Trump’s racist base of electoral support in the upcoming midterm elections.”

    Fox News showed images of the caravan on an hourly basis. Trump, without evidence, claimed that “Middle Easterners” had infiltrated the group. Vice President Mike Pence, without evidence, claimed that “outside groups” had funded the caravan. A Fox News guest, without evidence, claimed that migrants in the caravan were (quote): “coming in with diseases such as smallpox and leprosy and tuberculosis.” And, finally,  Fox News right-wing commentator Matt Schlapp, without evidence, claimed a connection between the caravan and Jewish financier George Soros.

    Daily Dos reporters write that (quote): “... once this anti-Semitic poison had seeped into the  susceptible mind of Robert Bowers, there was no question anymore. The Jews were behind the “caravan.”  They were polluting the blood of this country. And they needed to be punished.”

    It was the Trump and Fox News  campaign of lying and race-baiting that led Bowers to load up his AR -15 on that fateful Saturday.

Adam Serwer writes that there there is no (quote) “getting around” that fact. He is right... It seems to me.

It seems to me... (Synagogue Murders)