War on White People      May 18, 2018

A few weeks ago Yale historian Timothy Snyder came out with a new book titled The Road to Unfreedom. In the book he writes that all the Trump confusion, disfunction, attacks on the rule of law and  public lying is really being done on purpose... and, in fact, Snyder writes that Trump policies are designed to (quote) “deliberately hurt white people,”

Snyder calls his phenomenon “sadopopulism”. And here is how it works: you promise voters big things, but then when you get power you do not implement any policies on behalf of those voters. Instead, you deliberately make the suffering worse.

Snyder writes that the goal of Trump is to actually hurt his voter base and then REDIRECT their rage at nonwhites, Democrats, liberals, progressives or some other designated enemy. Snyder cites the Trump tax cuts and increasing income inequality, as well as the growing opioid crisis as examples of “sadopopulism.”

So, The Road to Unfreedom is an interesting read and, perhaps, a wake up call that we should all pay attention to!


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